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Recovering Gold
Having fun recovering Gold
May the bottom of your pan be yellow with gold.

Welcome to the Harvey family recreation site.
We will cover Gold, Camping, and much more, like having fun!

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Many people say the old timers got all the gold.
That just is not true. We are getting gold in our time. Right here right now!
I know people who are selling there gold for more than spot price. 
It is just a matter of a little hard work and  you can do the same thing.

We want other families to have fun recovering gold.
We want to share about our family and our adventures, in hopes of getting other familys to get out and enjoy Gods creation.  Maybe even to find some real gold.
We plan on showing some gold, tools for getting gold and much more.
So step on in and have some fun!
Please keep checking back I will be adding more stuff to the website.
We are Just getting started.

Please note that gold prospecting can be dangerous.
If you decide to prospect it can be tons of fun but there are dangers.
Snakes, Holes or pits, Deep and fast water, Chemicals, and much, much more. Please do your home work. Do not take any ones word as the final word.  Find out from several sources about the subject and know the safty precautions and proper dispossal methods before proceeding.
Please take care of the land it is all that God has given us and we are to be good stewarts of it.
By using this website you agree not to hold any one responsible but your self for any thing you do or fail to do.

This site is sponsored by R & D Computer Solutions
They provide web hosting (cpanel) and website creation, even the tools for you to make your own website super easy.They also provide Computer repair, remote support/repair, networking and much more.
256-575-0041    web hosting at and computer repair/maintance

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